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Freebies every designer must stock on

Mar 30th in Resources by Jean-Baptiste Jung

I’ve never come across anyone who doesn’t appreciate a freebie. Even if it’s a complimentary cookie after a $350 dinner, it still makes us happy. Well, at least those who can indulge in $350 dinner. Moreover, if the freebie in point can take you from being one of the web designers to the web designer clients would flock to because of the added perks then it’s one helluva freebie deal! Here’s a list of freebies that will make your life as a designer a little easier.

10 free and fresh graphic resources for webdesigners

Aug 5th in Resources by Jean-Baptiste Jung

Every webdesigner I know loves free and fresh graphic resources to help creating beautiful websites. This is why I’m very happy to share 10 hand picked freebies with you today.

20 Awesome HTML5 templates at only $19!

Jun 20th in Resources by Jean-Baptiste Jung

As a web designer or web developer, you often need quality website templates that you can customize to fit your needs of those of your clients. Today, I have a great deal to show you, from my friends from Mighty Deals: 20 responsive templates for only $19!

10+ blogs that use amazing vector backgrounds

Oct 13th in Resources by Jean-Baptiste Jung

Do you remember back in 2003 when blogs were almost all ugly and extremely basic? Well, time as passed and designers now create stunning design for blogs. In this article, I have selected 10+ very gorgeous and impressive vector background used in blogs.

Over 3500 free stock images to download

Sep 21st in Resources by Jean-Baptiste Jung

When creating a website design, designers often have to use stock images. You can get some from paid sites as such as istockphoto, but you can also get many quality images for free.

10 awesome PSD to XHTML tutorials

Jul 21st in Resources by Jean-Baptiste Jung

Many PsdVibe readers often ask me how to transform a psd file into a website. The whole process is generally called XHTML slicing and it’s a very important step in webdesign. In this article, I have compiled 10 PSD to XHTML tutorials for you.

Free XHTML/CSS Templates to download

2 Free XHTML/CSS templates to download

Jun 30th in Resources by Jean-Baptiste Jung

Due to popular demand, I’m happy to announce that here at PsdVibe, we chose to release 2 XHTML/CSS templates from two of our best tutorials. The templates can be freely downloaded.

10 beautiful free wood textures for your designs

Jun 18th in Resources by Jean-Baptiste Jung

Used as background images, wood textures are quite popular on the web theses days. In this article, I’ll show you 10 beautiful wood textures that you can freely use to enhance your designs.

Vector animals

10 stunning vector animals icon sets

Jun 11th in Resources by Jean-Baptiste Jung

Lots of you already know, I really love animals. As I think many of you also did, let’s use free animals icon set to enhance our designs. In this article, I have compiled 10 absolutely gorgeous vector animals icon sets.

20 of the Best Free Stock Photo Sites

Mar 29th in Resources by Matthew Heidenreich

When designing a website stock photography can sometimes play a big roll. With all the commercial stock photo sites out there, it’s sometimes hard to find the ones that offer quality images free. So I compiled a list of what I believe are the best free stock photo websites out there.