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Welcome to the all new, a site where you’ll find Adobe Photoshop tutorials, resources and freebies.

With all the repition of the same old tutorials, we wanted to provide users with a resource to find unique and new ideas through learning. At PSDVIBE we want to be precise with our tutorials, so if we believe we cannot explain what we are creating in detail, we will not bother posting the tutorial like many websites do.

With many tutorial websites, they focus only on pageviews. We want to provide quality over quantity and if that provides more pageviews, thats just a plus. As always if you have a certain technique you’ve seen and want to learn it, please visit our contact page, and theres a good change we will turn it into a tutorial.

About the (new) author

Hello, my name is Jean-Baptiste Jung and I’m a 27 years old blogger/webdeveloper/webdesigner/ from Wallonia, the French-Speaking part of Belgium.
I purchased from its founder Matthew Heidenreich on May 30, 2009, with the idea of continuing Matt’s excellent work and take PsdVibe to a higher level.

In the past, I have created several websites as such as Cats Who Code, a blog dedicated to web development, web design and WordPress, as well as WpRecipes, a websites that focus on providing usefull WordPress hacks on a daily basis.