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I’ve never come across anyone who doesn’t appreciate a freebie. Even if it’s a complimentary cookie after a $350 dinner, it still makes us happy. Well, at least those who can indulge in $350 dinner. Moreover, if the freebie in point can take you from being one of the web designers to the web designer clients would flock to because of the added perks then it’s one helluva freebie deal! Here’s a list of freebies that will make your life as a designer a little easier.


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GreenMe Portfolio Template

Wow with your work. The perfect template for web designers looking to earn clients by letting their work do all the talking, the GreenMe Portfolio template is just what you need to display your work and give them an insight into your skills and expertise.
Alternatively, maybe you’re designing a website for a freelance photographer who wants his best clicks in full view? This template choice creates a winning first impression.
The responsive layout coupled with 4 color options is a popular pick. Plus the contact form nudges your prospective clients to take action without delay.
Download it here.

Royalty free graphics

Graphics sometimes reach far beyond the budget of an average web designer. Moreover, if you’re just starting off in the field, you can’t really afford to buy $769 worth gummy bear pictures (nope, not an exaggeration).
So we made sure to include royalty free graphics with an extended license and allowed for usage on both personal and commercial products. These royalty free graphics that are actually priced at $54 is completely free to download.
Comprising of 22 different vectors, 9 vector illustrations, and 3 high-resolution textures, you can also use them to be printed on mass distribution products like mugs or t-shirts or for designing.
Download it here.

Atolo Coming Soon Template

Is your client revamping their website or launching a brand new one? Win brownie point for suggesting the Atolo Coming Soon Template. Building hype is an old marketing technique and using this template informs as well as intrigues the customers about this upcoming launch.
The responsive layout ensures stable viewing across any device while the unlimited color options have you spoilt for choice. The template can be customized to show a background slideshow, a single image, or a solid colored backdrop.
Atolo Coming Soon template is cross-browser compatible and built on HTML 5 and CSS3 frameworks.
Download it here.

50 Multipurpose Business Icons

Icons help to enunciate the importance of certain points of importance on the website. Plus it breaks the monotony of text. A business or stock based website can be easily marked with a variety of business icons like coins, wallets, and even graphs and pie charts.
Use this in web designing or for making projects and brochures, these 50 multipurpose business icons are versatile and unique.
Download it here.

25 Hand Drawn Vector Icons

It’s kind of cute to sprinkle vector icons on a web page that complements the theme. This pack of 25 hand drawn vector icons are not only highly varied with different types of icons but these also add a personal touch as they are hand drawn.
From the Facebook icon to the cutesy trophy icon, you are bound to find a use for them in more than one project. Plus they are a must-have for hand drawn print media or an app.
Available in .AI, .EPS and .PNG format to be downloaded instantly, the icons can be further modified if you want to create your individual set.
Download it here.

3D App Mockup

Almost everyone owns a Smartphone now, and almost everyone uses at least 4 mobile apps daily. And this is why mobile app development is a highly rewarding pursuit. However, it’s not easy.
Besides the technicality aspect of app development, you also need to rope in investors and promoters. If you want to communicate your idea of an app to the right parties, you need a good mockup to clearly and realistically show the scope of the app.
The 3D app mockup is all you need to give them a high quality picture in 3D. The design is simple and straightforward and is licensed for both commercial and personal usage.
Download it here.

20 High Resolution Stock Photos

High-res stock photos are expensive, even on deal days. This collection of 20 high resolution stock pictures make for beautiful backgrounds and can also be worked into designing cards and brochures.
These beautiful high quality pictures of mainly nature and landscape are breathtaking. In .JPEG format, these are compatible with almost every platform.
Each telling a story of its own, these images are recommended not just for designers but also bloggers who are forever on the lookout for good royalty free images.
Download it here.

Pack of 100 Smart Devices Icons

Designers have an infinite need for different types of icons to make their web projects visually appealing and also to emphasize on certain points. These need to not just be realistically drawn but also validated by the major markets.
The pack of 100 Smart Devices Icon doubles up as communication tools for your projects along with breaking up the monotony. Ranging from the popular smartphones to a gaming console with remote, these icons are available in .SVG and.PNG formats.
Download it here.

10 Colorful Grunge Textures

Add depth to your pictures with these meticulously created grunge textures. These are perfect to be used solo for the background or can be factored as the backdrop for an image.
There are 10 colorful textures to choose from. Although these work best when set to Soft Light, you can also select Overlay or Multiply as per the need of your project.
Compatible with all leading photo editors, the grunge textures are licensed for both personal and commercial use.
Download it here.

Which is your favorite freebie on the list?

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