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Today, let’s have a look to a very useful service for both designers and entrepreneurs looking to get a logo for their business. LogoMyWay is a website that aims to connect logo designers with small businesses.


Jean-Baptiste Jung



Having a logo is a essential part of company branding. A logo is important because it allow people to memorize your company. Just think a second about some very well known brands a such as Apple or McDonald’s : When you see the logo, you instantanely think about the product. This is why you should definitely create a strong identity for your company.

But, how to get a logo when you’re not a designer yourself? Of course, you can hire a designer to get your logo. Or you can use a very cool service named LogoMyWay.

What is exactly LogoMyWay? It is a logo design competition service which allow you to get lots of logo proposals (70 - 400+) from dozens of designers worldwide. You pay once (prices starts at $200) and you choose the logo you want to use. That’s simple as that.

Among other features, LogoMyWay offers a garanteed minimum of 40 differents designs, or you’ll have your money back. 40 different logo designs are a lot to choose from, so it’s a sure thing that you’ll find the logo of your dreams.
Another thing I love with LogoMyWay is that creating a contest is quick and easy. As an online entrepreneur, I hate wasting my time and I’m happy that LogoMyWay understands it.

Let’s see some example of what you can expect with LogoMyWay. The first is a logo design competition organized for Boser Chinese, a Chinese Restaurant:

The second example is Frietkot, a restaurant specialized in Belgian Fries (yummy!):

Amazing, isn’t it? Having the choice between all those designs is definitely a great deal for businesses.

As PSDVIBE readers, it is obvious that most of you are designers. If you’re a young designer looking to get exposure and make money, LogoMyWay can be something to consider. Contests starts at $200, but some can go up to $1000, which is definitely a good deal. Joining LogoMyWay as a designer is 100% free and they pay within 48 hours.

Although established designers can be really happy with LogoMyWay, contests seems to be more interesting if you’re a young designer looking to build a portfolio and gain exposure.

The last thing to consider is the inspiration you can get by watching thousands of logos you’ll find on LogoMyWay. Whatever you’re a logo designer or just a designer who wants to learn, it is a sure thing that the best way to learn is to watch and study what others do.

And you, what do you think about LogoMyWay? Have you already used their services, as a business owner or a designer? Let me know in a comment.

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25 Responses

  • Css Creme

    Great site to always make win-win situations. I really like the concept, and surely both buyers and designers will be happy from the system if it grows enough big to offer a lot of designs and jobs.

  • Wind Tech

    Interesting concept. It sounds like a reverse consignment where people submit work for a known buyer. Good luck!

  • Josh

    I definitely don’t consider myself a designer but I do enjoy designing and look forward to improving my skill set. For me, coming up with a logo takes the longest.

    Did you develop the logos for your sites or did you use a similar service?

  • Melody

    The only problem with some of these sites is that the contest doesn’t always end up in a clear winner or someone getting paid. ..as well as the fact that potential clients may be getting reused clipart in submissions..

  • Mia

    LogoMyWay is a great thing for small companies. Designers I’m afraid are not going to earn a living by participating in this contests. Many of the designers have up to 800 or more entries and have only three or four 1st ranks.
    the other problem I see, designers from Asia or the USA can not really judge the needs of the Slovenian or German market and designers from Europe, can they judge the Asian market? I suppose not. If I look at the logos of “Böser Chinese” I would say, none of them fits.

  • Andi

    What happened to psdvibe? No more photoshop tutorials? :(

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Andi : Don’t worry, I’m a bit busy right now but they’ll come back very soon :)

  • Carol Burnett

    The best logos are the simplest ones. Colors used can also enhance the message of the logo like blue color is used by medicine companies and yellow color signals attention or that it is cheap. McDonalds use combination fo red and yellow where yellow grabs attention - not sure what red color does though.

  • Jom

    I like the concept. This is the way in which buyers and sellers can both be happy.Keep up the posts.

  • Malko

    yeah, this is the logo design site people must be finding. thanks for great post.

  • henri

    I am not a designer but i love to see something beautiful.Great post,thank you.

  • Hannah Harper

    Having a logo definitely a big part of company branding, people remember your site if your logo stood out from the rest..

  • منتدى

    Interesting concept. It sounds like a reverse consignment where people submit work for a known buyer. Good luck!

  • JakeS

    LogoMyWay seems like a pretty neat way to get a logo designed - and I guess not a bad way for people to get their design work out there, though I can’t see people making a living from LogoMyWay. With the almost endless outsourcing opportunities out there on the web these days you can get access to some amazing talent very cheaply. I do share an earlier commenter’s concern about potentially unscrupulous designers reusing clip art etc but a quick look through the site shows some striking designs.

  • Josh

    I love the competitive part with the logo design. Adds a whole new aspect to the design process 😉 I’d definitely consider going with those guys just because of the variety in logo choices.

  • Steven

    This service is similar to 99 designs is it not?

    I was reading another blog and I believe this is what they would call crowdsourcing. It’s outsourcing in a way, but only more diverse.

  • Mike

    I would rather design my own

  • what the?

    this used to be a good place to find some nice tutorials. since the ownership changed there´s only advertising going on here and none of the tutorials that used to draw people to this place. even if u say u´re busy and u´ll bring the tuts back - that´s not gonna happen anytime soon if it ever will…
    what a pity

  • Ali Fatul

    I like this logo, so good and beatiful.This is the why in which buyer and seller can both be happy.

  • Fred Barnet

    Cool and talented work. It will be good to see something in the same spirit.

  • 7

    Great idea but wouldn’t the designers be wasting too much effort? If you have like 40+ competitors why bother.

  • Lån penge

    As others have stated I it does cause a problem that the contests are not always clear. I have used this site a couple of times with succes though.

  • reda

    Great site - thank from france 😉

  • Sarkari naukri

    I am not a UI designer but software engineer our backend work can be done only with UI .
    Without effective UI graphics our work is worth so your article is useful person like me.

  • John Legend

    Thanks for that tip! I do agree without a good logo, any brand becomes worthless. Is it only me that realized how over last few years even my electricity supplier decided to redesign their logo? Seems, everyone catches on. I am not sure how great crowdsourcing is for designers, but from my perspective ( & my clients ) I prefer more than less choice. Obviously I would shortlist only a few before showing them to clients ( some clients just cannot have too much choice, because we would never move over to creating layouts ). However, I have encountered a lot broom-up-their-bottoms designers that believe they are just too good to create more than 3 logo proposals for 500-1000 USD. C’mon guys, we all need to survive in the web business!


    I also heard about 99designs from my friend Lindsay. It worked out great for her. For around $200 she got a huge selections of designs.

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