2 Free XHTML/CSS templates to download

Due to popular demand, I’m happy to announce that here at PsdVibe, we chose to release 2 XHTML/CSS templates from two of our best tutorials. The templates can be freely downloaded.

Free XHTML/CSS Templates to download


Jean-Baptiste Jung



Theses templates has been coded by a PsdVibe reader, Pratap Karumanchi. They are provided “as it”, without any warranties.

Please remember that even if theses templates can be downloaded for free and used for learning purposes, you have to buy a licence to use it for a client or on your own website. Read more about PsdVibe’s licences on this page.

The first XHTML/CSS Template we got for you is the one created after reading this tutorial.

And the second one is the “Modern blog layout“:

Get a commercial/public use licence for theses templates (More info)

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21 Responses

  • Pratap.Karumanchi

    Hi Jean, thanks for mentioning my name.
    Hello guys the second template needs a ie fix, which i will update with a download link. You are free to edit the code, find bugs and report,

  • Zemalf

    Thank you so much for getting the downloads out, I’m more about reading the code (css) than messing with graphics at the moment, so these will help a great deal.

  • Pratap(Krish)

    Download the file.. tested in firefox, safari, opera and ie-6(huh)


  • Web Design Beach

    Thanks for sharing these 2 very neat templates. They are really great for learning purposes for beginners.

  • ims

    few days ago i was thinking about downloading a free template & study the css bu observing its codes !

    you gave me a great template ..i hope to be a good student (observer)


  • Pratap.K

    Hello guys, visit this link and test it in all browser (IE-6 not tested) and report if you find any bugs. soon i will post this as a tutorial.


  • Ryan Jones

    Thank you for the two great templates..looking forward to the tutorial.

  • Marky

    I don’t know much of the CSS coding…
    But I like the 2 templates for free..
    For beginners these are very great.

  • Bowenkämper

    Thanks for submitting the files. This will make things much easier when following the tutorial.

  • dev.my

    why the RustyStyles is stick to left? not at center?

  • css templates lover

    Templates are best when they are free :)

  • Fuad Ahasan Chowdhury

    amazing.. being free its more interesting. :)

  • Danniel

    Can you code these templates for wordpress?
    I`ll apreciate if you will do this.
    Thank you!

  • BGN

    Wow, they are both very nice template. Thanks for posting it out and sharing with all of us. Good work.
    I’m looking forwards to get the wordpress code of these templates.

  • Randy Tan

    really good! i like your XHTML templates, thank you so much!

  • Del

    Great templates thanks for posting!!!

  • Ali Hussain

    Thankyou for sharing these templates. Stumbled site so more people could get access to it

  • ranhae

    thank you, currently downloading…can’t wait to learn…I am photoshop newbie

  • Mike

    Just thought id mention there may be a typo at the top of this page :

    “Theses templates has been coded by a PsdVibe reader, Pratap Karumanchi. They are provided “as it”, without any warranties”

    Im guessing that was meant ‘as is’ rather than ‘as it’ and thought I’d mention it incase its important. Disclaimers are a pain and Im always forgetting to check mine lol.

    I also want to thank you for your fien tutorials.

    I’m hoping to learn enough to become a web designer myself and expand my ideas. Your tutorials and those of Chris Carpenter at hv-designs.co.uk are really flaming the fire for doing some web work.

    Best wishes and keep up the awesome work Jean-Baptiste.



  • Jack Colt

    Just wanted to say thank you for the “Rustystyle” design. It goes very well with a weekly journal I am running.

  • Shanon

    I like your XHTML templates…But cant this just be done the old way? What is the the idea for xhtml?

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