Psdvibe change of ownership

Hello everyone! I’m the new owner of PsdVibe since May 30, 2009. Before going into new tutorials and useful resources for Photoshop, let me introduce myself. change of ownership


Jean-Baptiste Jung



Who am I ?

Jean-Baptiste JungMy name is Jean-Baptiste Jung, but most people call me Jean. I’m 27 years old and I was born in Paris, France. I now live in southern Belgium with my wife and my cat.

I blog since 2007 about various subject as such as Web development, WordPress, Web design. Apart from PsdVibe, I have a few websites, the most known are Cats Who Code and WpRecipes.
I have provided articles for several popular blogs, as such as Smashing Magazine and I’m currently finnishing a tech book about WordPress.

Besides blogging/webdesign/webdevelopment things, I like to travel, having relaxing times with my wife and I love animals. Animal rights is a cause I’m involved.

The future of PsdVibe

I know that sometimes, when a blog or website is sold by its founder, the new owner don’t always care about the blog and the readers, and only want to make some quick money.
To answer a question that many of you shall ask, yes, I’m hoping to make money with Psdvibe, but no, I will definitely not drown the tutorials into crappy Adsense ads without never providing new content.
My goal is to take Psdvibe to a higher level. I’ll continue to provide useful tutorials, resources, and freebies.

Some new things

As a new owner, I don’t want to make big changes to Psdvibe. Anyways, the blog is just great how is it now. Thought, please note the following changes:
1 - Comments are now dofollow, so don’t hesitate to discuss. Don’t spam, though.
2 - A commercial/public use licence for the PSD will be available within a few days (Don’t worry, PSD will still be downloadables for free!)

Well, that’s all for today, so, see you tomorrow for a complete Website layout tutorial!

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26 Responses

  • Lakshmi Mareddy

    CONGRATS Jean-Baptiste Jung!!!!
    This is a great dimension to your collection of portals/sites. Here is wishing you great success in your endeavour. All the best!!!

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    Hey Lakshmi, thanks for the kind words! I hope you’ll enjoy our new tutorials!

  • Ricardo Dias

    It’s always good when things evolve. This blog was always a favorite of mine, but hope you can take things a higher level. If you follow what you’ve been doing in your other blogs that won’t be a problem. Welcome!

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Ricardo: Thanks! Sure, PsdVibe will be run the same way as I run WpRecipes and CatsWhoCode :)

  • Oxide

    Bravo Jean Baptiste. Bienvenue !

  • Josh

    Welcome, I have been using this site as a resource for some time now and have always felt it could use a bit more TLC. I hope you are right about bringing this site to a new level, I cant wait to see what you got in store!

  • bebopdesigner

    Wow! Very impressive. Congratulations and tons of luck! (well, you own PSDvibe, can you get any luckier?) Cheers

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    Thanks for the warm welcome :)

  • Christoffer

    Congrats! I hope you will continue this great site!

  • Mone Blog

    That is quite some news…good luck and hope to more frequent freebies…

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Mone Blog: More freebies…Understood! A “Freebies” post should be published next week.

  • Andi

    I hope you will have the time to post new tutorials every week.

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Andi: This is what I schedule to do :) I’m already working on a web layout tutorial for next monday, so stay tuned and grab the rss feed if you don’t already have it in your reader!

  • myfr3ak

    Cool! “A commercial/public use licence for the PSD will be available within a few days (Don’t worry, PSD will still be downloadables for free!)” - This is the best thing! Great work buddy! Subscribing!

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @myfr3ak: Yes, I think I had a good idea with the licence, because the PSD files are still free for learning purpose, but now people can also use them for a cheap price. I have received a few emails of readers who were happy about the licence, so glad to count you in :)

  • Mike

    Nice to meet you here at PSDvibe, Jean-Baptiste! I’m sure you’ll make it even better!

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Mike: Thanks! Indeed I hope top make this great blog grow and become even better!

  • Krunal

    Cool Congrates Jean, We look forward for more tutorials

  • Flauwy

    Great to see you all over this scene, Jean. I like your Blogs and I’m sure this one will become another great project of yours.

    I know blogging costs a lot of time. I work on my website nearly all my spare time beside my job. So please don’t overdo it for your readers and your own sake. :)

  • Beads

    Hi Jean, didn’t even realise the site had changed hands!

    Loving your stuff so far, though :)

  • Gungurru Web Design - Joe Swinn

    Hey, Congrats man and good luck with the stuff on the site!

  • Omagaz

    Useful site !

  • RWH

    Hey Jean, all of your blogs rock. They are very useful, educational and have high quality content. Good luck on all of your endeavors.

  • Vorona7001

    Thanks for the work you do. I constantly use your catswhocode. I’ve learned a lot from it and continue to discover new good ideas to improve my efficiency. Your principles regarding blogging is very right but not all eager to do like this. It’s a pity.

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