Web Layout Tutorials for March

Believe it or not we are not the only place offering up Photoshop layout tutorials. So I went ahead and compiled a list of the best Photoshop tutorials written in March related to web design (layouts).


Matthew Heidenreich



Design studio web page

Design Studio Web Page Layout

Learn how to make a dark and professional looking design studio web page layout. With this step by step tutorial that is easy to follow. The PSD is available with this tutorials as well.

Design A Fresh Blog Theme On The 960 Grid

Design a Nice Blog theme on the 960 grid

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to mock up a fresh looking blog theme in Photoshop that is designed to be used within the 960 framework. This tutorial was designed more for web design theory than Photoshop technique. It is for that reason that I don’t go into great depth on each Photoshop step, but spend considerably more time on design theory and application. Photoshop beginners may find it somewhat tricky to follow along.

Create a Photoshop template for Drupal or Joomla

Create a Photoshop template for Drupal or Joomla

Learn how to make a bright and vibrant photoshop template that could be used for your Drupal or Joomla theme. The only downside is that you have to pay for the psd files.

Car layout 4

Dark and Simple Car Layout #4

In this tutorial were going to be making a stylish car layout, although the layout isn’t particularly car “related” it does featured some awesome content box styling.

Web Design Layout 9

Simple Wood Web Design Layout #9

Another tutorial by the hv-designs team and in this tutorial il show you how to create a web design layout, currently the 9th one in there our tutorial database. I personally enjoy the wooden header effect.

Portfolio Layout 10

Light Colored Portfolio Layout #10

In this tutorial were going to be creating a simple straight to the point portfolio. Ive had tons of emails requesting for a portfolio layout. So here it is.

Hosting Template

Website Hosting Template Layout

In this Photoshop tutorial, they will show you how to create a unique and professional hosting template. This tutorial goes through the steps to create a website header, footer and content area.

Awesome Enterprise Layout

Create an Awesome Enterprise Layout

You will create a tutorial for a WordPress Style design or for a company layout. You can use this
layout in different ways if you modify it a little to your own liking.

If you know of any web design tutorials that were posted in March that are worth putting in the list, please let me know in the comments and i’ll add them!

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