Coding Tutorials Coming to PSDVIBE

It has been one of the most requested items by you in the comments, and from your emails, so we are going to make it happen. About time right? I wanted to go ahead and bring someone onto the team who could bring some quality content. Who better than the person who coded the current psdvibe theme.


Matthew Heidenreich



Who it is

The man for the job is Saad Sarfraz. I myself, have never enjoyed coding. If IE6 wasn’t around, that might actually be different. So when I need things coded, I always hate having to find someone that can code a website to great standards, without skipping over the little things. I found Saad on Elance back when I first opened up psdvibe and he proved to be a great person for the job. He has always been easy to work with, and can get things done very quickly. When I approached him to see if he would be up for the task of doing the psd to xhtml tutorials for the site, he accepted and I’ve been excited to see what he can bring to the table.

When will they arrive

The first psd to xhtml tutorials will start showing up at the beginning of next month, and will be posted at about the same rate as the Photoshop tutorials. We probably won’t get tutorials on coding all of the previous layouts, but we will be working on getting the most popular ones done first. The Corporate WordPress Style layout will be the first, and then we will move on from there.

The Future of the Vibe

So far everything has been going great. I try to get at least one tutorial a week, but it has been hard this month to keep up with that pace, but should be getting back on track. Each week we have attracted more and more users, and we encourage people to comment on the tutorials and let us know what they think. I created this site to help the community out, so if i’m not doing a good job, i’d like to know so I can work on doing a better job for you.

The Advertisers

Just wanted to thank those who advertise on psdvibe. With advertisers, it provides more money for me to put back into the site and to boost the quality of the content. I do not make a cent off of the site as of yet, and I really don’t plan to. Every cent I make I put back into making the site better, and hopefully will be able to expand and add more writers from it.

The Next Tutorial

Thought I would go ahead and give you a sneak peek of what the next tutorial will be on. Hopefully will have it written up for you by the end of the weekend.



Be sure to let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas of anything else you would like to see added to the vibe.

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