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Welcome to the brand new psdvibe design. I have gone ahead and done a major overhaul of the old design to make it more appealing and cleaner. It will still be a little buggy as we work out all the little kinks.


Matthew Heidenreich



Hopefully you liked the old theme, but I felt it was lacking something. So i decided to start from scratch and create a new image for psdvibe.

I have fixed most the bugs in the last few hours, so everything should be up and running normally at this point. The Most Popular Posts area in the sidebar is going to be set up a little differently, so try not to criticize me on that just yet :) Also, at this point I have no added in the links for the social area at the bottom of each post.


If you have any comments on the changes, or would like to point out a error, please share them with me in the comments.

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