Four Great Aging Tutorials

Aging is not something people generally enjoy to do. But many wonder what they may look like when they are older, or how they would go about looking like they did when they were younger. Here are a few tutorials I came across that show you how.


Matthew Heidenreich



De-Aging Photoshop Video Tutorial

Remove Wrinkles

This first tutorial is a very precise and short video on how to remove wrinkles from a persons skin to make them appear younger, without making the photo look ‘shopped’.

Age Progression

Aging Progression

In this tutorial it will show you how to dramatically make a person look older with great technique. This is by far my favorite for doing this effect.

ComputerArts Aging Effect

Aging Effect

I enjoy picking up a Computer Arts magazine whenever I get the chance because of their quality tutorials. Sometimes though, I look past the ones they offer for free. This is another great guide on the aging process in Photoshop.

Aging People

Aging People

This is another well written tutorial on adding the years onto one of your photos.

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2 Responses

  • Alex Rogahn

    Goodness knows why you would want to make people look older! But it amusing nonetheless 🙂

  • Matthew Heidenreich


    Yeah, there really isn’t to many ways this will help you achieve anything, but it will help you learn to use some of the tools many look over. Its also fun to mess with family and friends 🙂

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